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Sunlighten or TheraSauna?

Who Takes Home The Belt?

USA Health and Wellness is a New England based wellness company that brings unbiased reviews, testing, and recommendations to the marketplace. Over the years, USA Health and Wellness has saved customers hours of time, and thousands of dollars by delivering real, raw, and informative insights to customers just like you. In an industry where it is difficult to get straight answers, USA Health and Wellness is here to be your breath of fresh air during your due diligence period and beyond. 


Manufactured in Vietnam
Sunlighten saunas are known for their quality build, even though they are being manufactured in Vietnam with much cheaper materials. Notoriously there is a black-and-white difference between USA made, and Asian imported materials.
Full Spectrum IR
Sunlighten, much like TheraSauna, has both Far Infrared and Full Spectrum sauna options. At this point, any of the major sauna brands have two lines of saunas, one for far infrared and one for full spectrum.
Multiple Wood Types
Sunlighten saunas come in Eucalyptus, Basswood and Cedar. It's nice to have options on wood type, although there are some skin irritation, and/or allergies associated to these woods. Not everyone experiences wood allergies, just be aware of your allergies prior to choosing. 
Carbon Fiber Heaters
Sunlighten uses a 'foil style' thin carbon heater as their heating elements. Carbon fiber tends to be most popular for people who want more of a mild sauna session
Program Selection
Sunlighten saunas have a sleek tablet style design that allows you to choose different programs within the wellness experience you desire.
Sunlighten saunas come equipped with chromotherapy lighting to enhance your sauna experience to your liking. 
Bluetooth Speakers
Like most saunas, a built-in sound system comes standard with Sunlighten infrared saunas. 
Sunlighten saunas have a 7 year limited lifetime warranty on cabinetry and heaters, 3 years on controls and 1 year on stereo.


Manufactured in the USA
TheraSauna is the only infrared sauna company that manufactures entirely in the United States of America! 
Full Spectrum IR
TheraSauna has both Far Infrared and Full Spectrum Series to accommodate any and all customer needs. Full Spectrum means the sauna is equipped with Near, Mid AND Far Infrared wavelengths.
Natural Aspen Hardwood
TheraSauna is the only sauna company that uses Aspen wood. Natural Aspen Hardwood is the only wood type that is free of inorganic compounds and completely non-toxic.
Luxury Ceramic Heaters
Ceramic heaters are often found in luxury sauna brands such as TheraSauna. Ceramic heaters are much more intense than carbon fiber and are almost always preferred among sauna customers.
Full Customization
TheraSauna is inarguably the most customizable infrared sauna on the market by allowing users to customize intensity and temperature of each individual ceramic heater.
TheraSauna, like most, has LED light therapy with many different colors for customers to intensify their infrared sauna experience.
Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth speaker system comes standard with all TheraSauna USA Made saunas.
TheraSauna is unique in the sense of offering a Lifetime Warranty on their saunas. This to us is an unsaid confidence of USA Made products. It is rare to find a lifetime warranty on other saunas in the industry.

Does "Made in the USA matter"?

USA Made Products Always Have a Great Reputation, But Is It Legitimate?

Have you EVER bought anything that is actually made in the United States? Yes, feel free to read that again, because believe it or not 75% of people have never bought anything made in the USA. It sounds silly, but there are very limited amounts of products that are built entirely here in the United States. From your toaster oven, to your microwave, clothing and more, USA manufacturing is rare. With the current world events, people are starting to buy American more than ever, and making a conscious effort to support businesses that build and support our country.
99% of infrared saunas in the industry are imported and private labeled from Asia. Then, there is TheraSauna. TheraSauna full spectrum infrared saunas are the ONLY infrared saunas manufactured in the United States of America. What does it matter? Well, The wood is American, the heaters are American, and the power supply is American. Not to mention the fact they are handcrafted by skilled carpenters rather than coming down a factory line and being built by cheap laborers. The result of American Made is a longer lasting, higher performing, luxury infrared sauna spa that lasts generations. 
We strive to recommend saunas our customers will love for a lifetime. USA Health and Wellness is a supporter, advocate and avid users of American Made Infrared Saunas. USA Health and Wellness carries 13 of the leading sauna brands in the industry, but only one stands alone as our most positively reviewed. 
Heater Comparison
The infrared heaters in an infrared sauna are the number one most important aspect of decision making when it comes to purchasing a sauna. There are two main types of heaters that all infrared sauna companies use. Carbon fiber or Ceramic. Carbon fiber traditionally is a much more mild heater designed for people who may want a less invasive sauna session. We often recommend carbon fiber heaters to customers who may have some heat sensitivity or do not want to sweat profusely. Ceramic heaters on the other hand are quite the opposite and are designed for people who are looking for deep penetrating, more intense infrared therapy. Both are great, it just depends on your goals and what you are looking for in your new sauna! In simpler terms: carbon= mild and ceramic=intense. 


SoloCarbon® Carbon Fiber Heaters

Below image is the heater behind the cover

Below you can see the paper thin carbon material used to heat Sunlighten Saunas


TheraMitter™ Ceramic Heaters

A closer look at TheraSauna's ceramic heaters

TheraSauna only uses solid ceramic heaters

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Customer Reviews From Both Sauna Brands

We pulled some of the most recent reviews on both Sunlighten and TheraSauna. Consensus shows Sunlighten may be experiencing some supply chain, customer support, and quality control issues, however, not all feedback has been negative. It's best to do your own full due diligence prior to making a decision. With 5 years of feedback from our TheraSauna customers, we have not experienced many negative reviews if any to date. This could be a difference in manufacturing and infrastructure.

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